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Condition survey and pre-purchase inspection are verification services designed and performed to provide the needed information regards on/off hire contract negotiation, financing projects, chartering, potential selling, present condition of a ship, or change of owner.  The process is carried out afloat and is limited to one day of effective inspection. The service is subject to our clients’ requirements and procedures but in case of needed we can refer to our own quality management system procedure.

The final report provides reliable information to evaluate the condition of the ship, hull, machinery, auxiliary, cranes, among others and is the document where attending surveyor includes his visual inspection findings and usually after the covering of the following items.

  • General summary of survey and condition of vessel
  • Documentation status for publications and Statutory Certificates
  • Management, Records and Manning
  • General Condition of the Ship structure: External hull and superstructure, anchors, chains, windlass,
  • General Condition of Ballast tanks, Deck equipment.
  • General Condition of Hatch covers, Derricks & Cranes and Holds, Cargo equipment
  • General Condition of Engine room, Machinery and Bunkering, Bilges, running hours if the main and auxiliary engines
  • Findings Bridge and Navigation equipment
  • General Condition Communication system and antennas
  • General Condition of Life Saving Apparatus and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Findings regarding general items inspected such as crew accommodation spaces
  • General documentation findings regarding Safety Management System, the ship and machinery log books
  • Documented defect list and Condition Statement
  • Documented last cargo voyages to determine the usability of holds.
  • Final commented picture report

During the Condition Survey or Pre-purchase inspection, our attending surveyor is reporting his findings to head quarters to provide the customer with preliminary reports about the conditions of the ship.  This process add value to the service because principal is in condition to evaluate the situation in real time and request specific clarification about some items that they need obtain more specific explanation.

For instance, if the attending surveyor sent a hold picture shows signs of blistering in some particular areas, VSS technical supervisor will send this information to the customer, then he can request more specific information or a close up picture regarding this specific finding.

The final report is delivered in electronic format during the next 3 days after the complexion of the service.